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We warmly welcome new patients at Central Kentucky Dental. And we proudly serve patients from Winchester and our neighbors in Clay City, Mt. Sterling, Stanton, and Jackson with high-quality dental care delivered by a skilled and friendly team.

Whether you are new to the area and need a new dentist, or it’s been a while since you last had your teeth cleaned, we welcome you to reach out to book a dental appointment with Walter Peavler, DMD, Tena Powe, DMD, or Joshua Hall, DMD to get started.

Sometimes, dental anxiety can keep people from having their regular dental appointments, but did you know that routine dental checkups and cleanings are your best insurance against complex dentistry in the future?

Your Winchester dentist can often catch minor issues before they become big, costly problems or even a painful dental emergency.

Speaking of dental emergencies, if you are having one, we strive to provide prompt treatment, especially in cases where you have a toothache or swelling, which can indicate an infection.

If you’re ready for a comfortable, healthy smile, we offer payment options to help you fit your dentistry into your budget.

Welcome to Our Winchester Dental Practice

If you are looking for a dental home where you will be treated honestly and with respect, please contact Central Kentucky Dental. We look forward to welcoming you.

At Central Kentucky Dental, helping patients fit dentistry into their family budgets is important to us. We never want money and finances to stand between you and the dentistry you need to stay healthy. This is why we work with a wide variety of dental insurances and also work with a healthcare financing company called CareCredit to help you have your dental work now and pay it off over time.

CareCredit offers both interest-free short-term dental financing and longer-term financing. Your interest rate will be determined from a credit check at the time of application.

You can apply for CareCredit quickly online and receive an answer in just a few minutes.

If you are not interested in financing your dental treatments, our compassionate dentists can help you prioritize your care. This way, you can address the most pressing oral health issues first, phasing out treatment over time.

At Central Kentucky Dental, we are not here to sell you dentistry you don’t need. Instead, our dentists see themselves as your partners in oral health and will help you understand your dental care, presenting every option available so that you can make informed choices for the future of your smile.

Contact Your Winchester Dentist

If you would like to book a dental appointment, contact our Winchester dental office today!

At Central Kentucky Dental, we strive to provide high-quality, affordable dentistry to our patients in Winchester, KY and the surrounding communities of Clay City, Mt. Sterling, Stanton and Jackson. While rarely a catch-all for family dental needs, dental insurance can help defray some of the costs. We work with a wide variety of insurance companies, including:

  • Delta Dental Premier
  • Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier
  • Cigna PPO
  • Guardian
  • Anthem 300
  • Anthem Complete
  • Anthem Grid Plus
  • DentalSelect Plus
  • Superior Dental
  • Humana PPO
  • Aetna DGP

We also work with any PPO where you can choose your own dentist. If you have questions about whether we are in- or out-of-network for your dental insurance, please contact our helpful dental team.

In addition to insurance, we also work with third-party financing through CareCredit, for low- and no-interest options.

We offer online bill pay and accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

If you ever have questions about the necessity of the treatment we recommend, please let us know. Our priority is to help you achieve your goals for your smile. We are always happy to help you prioritize your treatment in a way that works best for you.

Looking for a Top Winchester Dentist?

We look forward to welcoming you to our Winchester dental office.

Fear of dental pain can keep patients just like you from getting the dental care they need to stay healthy. At Central Kentucky Dental, we are dedicated to providing comfortable, gentle dentistry to help alleviate dental conditions and ease your mind. We want you to feel relaxed when under our care. 

Some dental treatments have a false reputation for being painful. However, that perception is outdated. Over the decades, dental techniques and advanced anesthetics have made pain-free dentistry a reality!

We never proceed with any dental treatment until you feel completely numb. Since that happens at a different rate for everyone, we will check in with you before getting started. If you ever feel anything beyond small vibrations and slight pressure, simply raise your hand and we will apply more anesthetic until you feel comfortable.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation Dentistry

Sometimes, patients experience emotional stress at the dentist. If this sounds like you, contact our Winchester dental office to learn more about mild sedation with nitrous oxide.

Nitrous oxide is gentle and safe for most patients. And since it enters and leaves the system quickly, you will not have lasting effects and can drive home from your dental appointment.

Looking for Pain-Free Dentistry in Winchester? 

Give us a call today to get started. 

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