Tooth Extractions

tooth extraction winchester kyDental extractions can be scary, but at Central Kentucky Dental, we work hard to ensure that all our dental procedures are pain-free and that the experience our patients have in our dental office is always relaxing. 


To ensure that the process is comfortable for our patients, we are happy to explain the procedure in detail because we believe that educating those who seek our care is critical to help them feel comfortable and make informed choices.


We can provide sedation dentistry options, like nitrous oxide, to ease the patient into a conscious but sedated state that makes visits to the dental office much less stressful and even relaxing. 


Why Would I Need a Dental Extraction?

Generally speaking, extractions are a last resort when saving the tooth is no longer viable and leaving it in the mouth presents a health risk to the other teeth, jaw bone, gums, and patient's immune system.


Issues that might require tooth extraction:


  • Severe infection of the tooth and root, beyond saving via root canal
  • Trauma to the tooth, like cracks and breaks that cannot be repaired using dental restorations
  • Damage to the gums or jaw that prevent stabilizing the tooth and keeping it healthy
  • Symptomatic wisdom teeth

‚ÄčIf your dentist recommends an extraction due to decay or trauma, talk to us about tooth replacement options, including a dental bridge. 


Wisdom Teeth Removal

tooth extraction in Winchester ky

One of the most common forms of extraction is a procedure to remove one or more wisdom teeth.


We typically remove wisdom teeth because our modern jaws do not have the space to accommodate them without crowding the other teeth nearby.


Sometimes, wisdom teeth can erupt without concern, but often, they cause issues. Problems that wisdom teeth can cause:


  • Wisdom teeth can press on needed teeth, causing pain and discomfort.
  • Wisdom teeth can erupt partially, leaving the gum open to infection.
  • Wisdom tooth eruption can be painful, especially when they erupt too close to neighboring teeth or come in slanted.
  • Wisdom teeth are vulnerable to decay and infection because they are hard to reach with the toothbrush and dental floss. 

Other Reasons for Tooth Extraction in Windsor, KY

Your dentist may extract a tooth prior to orthodontics if your jaw is too small to accommodate all of your teeth. In this instance, the extraction will not be noticeable following orthodontics. Extraction is also common for patients who have decided on complete dentures over partials. 

Need Help from a Local Winchester Dentist?

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