Teeth Whitening

Almost everyone wants a bright white smile, and achieving one may be easier than most people think. Our patients have often tried many things to get their teeth whitened, from special toothpaste to store-bought strips that barely stay in place, and often they don't get the results they wanted. 

There is no shortage of teeth whitening products on the market, both good and bad.

Store-bought whitening products cannot produce the results that our team can in our dental office. With higher quality products and a higher concentration of whitening agents and expert administration, our teeth whitening will produce the results that our patients dream about.

In-Office Teeth Whiteninggirl talking to dentist for teeth whitening

As part of the KöR whitening process, the patient will come into the dental office for treatment. Once the treatment is complete, the patient will continue routine maintenance whitening at home to create a white smile they won't hesitate to show off.

KöR at-Home Teeth Whitening

In addition to in-office treatments, the KöR line-up of professional whitening products includes complete at-home whitening kits made with trays molded to the shape of the patient's teeth for the best fit possible.

Once our patients experience the results of professional-grade, at-home whitening, they never go back to store-bought whiteners.

Am I a Good Candidate for KöR?

Most patients who take care of their teeth and visit the dentist regularly are good candidates for professional teeth whitening. There are, however, some dental issues that could prevent a patient from starting the treatment process until they are resolved. 

Issues like cavities and gum disease will have to be treated before a patient is a good candidate for any kind of whitening.

In addition, your dentist may recommend other treatments, like a teeth cleaning, before whitening to help improve effectiveness.

Professional vs. Store-Bought Whitening

The problem with many over-the-counter whitening products is that they don't work as well as most people would like, whether it's not producing any results or only successfully whitening part of a patient's smile because the whitening agents aren't reaching the teeth evenly.Man smiling after teeth whitening at the dentist

Professional KöR teeth whitening provides proven results. And the primary treatments are administered in the office by a dental professional. Under their supervision, stronger whitening products can be used on the patient's teeth.

In addition, KöR has supplemental at-home whitening trays that help keep the patient's smile white, long after their last in-office whitening.

KöR Professional Teeth Whitening in Winchester, KY

The expert dental team at Central Kentucky Dental wants to help you achieve your dream smile. If you have any questions about the KöR whitening process, in-office or at home, please contact us. And, if you are ready to start your journey to a bright white smile, schedule an appointment to come in for a consultation.