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Will my filling be silver or tooth-colored?

In most cases, we recommend modern, tooth-colored composite fillings, especially for teeth visible when you smile.

Over the years, silver amalgam fillings have gained a poor reputation because of their appearance and the components that make them up – primarily mercury. It is important to remember, however, that the American Dental Association states that silver amalgam fillings are safe for use in dental restorations.

While white fillings are often preferred by patients, in some cases, silver amalgam may be a better bet, especially when restoring posterior (back) teeth that need to withstand the majority of chewing. Additionally, if you have bruxism (teeth grinding), it is possible to damage white fillings, even with a nightguard.

Silver amalgam fillings are also beneficial for larger restorations on posterior teeth. They are known for their stability and longevity. However, white fillings may do the job as well. 

At Central Kentucky Dental, our dentists will discuss all of your options with you and recommend dental restorations based on your needs and the goals you've set for your smile.

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