Dr. Peavler, Jackie, and staff,
Thank you so much for making me feel at ease in your office. You really made me feel welcome and not as nervous. This means so much to me! Also, thanks for calling and checking on me the next day. Everything is doing well.

Dr. Peavler,
I would like to thank you for all the time you spent on giving me my smile back. I feel very blessed that you did this for me. My confidence has been lifted. Thank you again.

Dear Tena Powe,
Mom's recovery seems to be a great success and that's due, in a major way, to you. We will never forget your selfless kindness, concern, and generosity in the time and care you provided her.
With great appreciation and gratitude,

Dear Dr. Peavler and staff,
I just realized that it has been 12 years since you gave me my beautiful smile. I thought you should know that I couldn't be happier! Many thanks for the great care I’ve received over the years.


I'm a very satisfied customer of Dr. Powe and have been for several years. Since my early childhood, I always worried about losing my teeth because my mother had dentures from the time I can remember. I started trying very hard to take care of my teeth and spent a fortune going to dentist recommended by friends and family. I continued to have bad luck from insufficient dental work and lost a few back teeth. After four of these experiences, I found Dr. Peavler's and Dr. Powe’s practice. My teeth are now in good condition. I have implants where I had teeth missing and I also have a few crowns. I'm just sorry I was a few years late in finding Dr. Powe. I could've saved money and teeth but she rescued me and I don't have dentures. Thank you for being a credible, professional, and talented dentist and thanks to my friend for recommending your practice to me. I have recommended your practice to all my friends and family and they are all happy to find you as well. Thank you Dr. Powe for saving my teeth.