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By Central Kentucky Dental
May 28, 2019
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Improving your smile can be as easy as covering flaws in your teeth with dental veneers. Your Winchester, KY, dentists, Dr. Tena Powe or Dr. Walter Peavler, offer veneers and other cosmetic dentistry treatments and services at Central Kentucky Dental.

What are dental veneers?

Veneers are designed to keep imperfections out of sight. The thin porcelain shells are attached to the fronts of your teeth and conceal a variety of smile issues.

Veneers improve the shape and length of teeth

Teeth don't always look similar. One may be a little crooked, while another is pointed or twisted. Unfortunately, even one oddly shaped tooth can be distracting. Adding veneers to problem teeth is a simple way to ensure that your smile looks uniform.

The restorations are also a good choice if a tooth is too short. If your tooth became shorter due to a nightly grinding or clenching problem, you'll want to begin wearing a nightguard as soon as possible. The guard will prevent damage to your veneers and your teeth.

Dullness and discolorations vanish with veneers

Dull teeth can be an issue if your tooth enamel becomes stained due to aging, smoking or even eating brightly colored or dark foods and beverages, like coffee, tea and berries. Veneers offer an alternative to teeth whitening treatment, are extremely stain resistant.

Even one discolored tooth can draw unwanted attention to your smile. Discolorations can occur if you took the antibiotic tetracycline, experienced a blow to a tooth or had a dental procedure that changed the color of the tooth. Your Winchester dentist will add a veneer that matches the shade of surrounding teeth.

Veneers offer an easy way to hide flaws

Tooth enamel is incredibly strong, but it's also somewhat brittle. Gnawing on ice cubes or opening packages with your teeth can cause chips or shallow cracks that make your smile less attractive. Veneers easily conceal these and other flaws in your enamel.

Do you have slight spaces between your front teeth? Veneers also hide gaps, instantly transforming your smile.

Are you interested in learning if dental veneers are a good choice for you? Call our Winchester, KY, dentists, Dr. Tena Powe or Dr. Walter Peavler, at (859) 744-0320 to schedule an appointment.