By Central Kentucky Dental
December 29, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: cosmetic dentistry  

How cosmetic dentistry from your family dentists in Winchester, Kentucky can give you a new smile.

Are you living with a smile that is dull and uninteresting? If so, cosmetic dentistry is definitely right for you. No matter what may bother you about your smile, it can be fixed with a cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Dr. Tena Powe and Dr. Walter Peavler at Central Kentucky Dental in Winchester, Kentucky offer a wide range of general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services to give you a new smile.

Consider just a few of the most popular cosmetic dentistry services:

  • Professional teeth whitening; if your smile isn’t as white as it could be you can whiten your smile up to 8 shades. Your results can last a long time too, even up to 5 years! Professional teeth whitening is a safe way to a brighter, more appealing smile because all products and methods have been rigorously tested and approved by the American Dental Association.
  • Cosmetic dental bonding; if your smile is showing small signs of damage like chips, cracks, or tooth wear, they can disappear with cosmetic bonding. Bonding uses composite, a unique liquid material that can be matched closely to the color of your teeth. The material is placed and sculpted to match your tooth surface, and then hardened with ultraviolet light. Bonding blends with your smile, making your smile whole again.
  • Porcelain veneers; if your smile is suffering from major aesthetic issues like discolorations, areas of lost tooth structure, large chips, cracks, or fracture lines, porcelain veneers can make your smile look new again. Veneers are thin laminates of sparkling porcelain that are cemented onto the front surfaces of your teeth, hiding minor and major issues.

These are just a few of the many cosmetic dentistry procedures to help your smile. To find out more, talk with the experts by calling Dr. Tena Powe and Dr. Walter Peavler of Central Kentucky Dental in Winchester, Kentucky at (859) 744-0320. Call today!