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By Central Kentucky Dental
January 28, 2020
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Have you been making a few changes to streamline your life this past year? No matter what the size of your family, switching to a family dentist offers an ideal way to simplify your oral health care. In fact, you'll enjoy several important benefits when visiting your Winchester, KY, family dentists, Drs. Tena Powe and Walter Peavler.

Convenient visits

There's no need to visit several dentists when family dentists offer oral care for everyone. Toddlers and children are just as welcome as adults at our family dental practice.

When you choose a family dentist for your family's dental needs, you'll no longer spend precious hours traveling to appointments at multiple dental offices in the
Winchester area. If you schedule back-to-back appointments, your entire household can visit the dentist as a group.

Expert dental care for the entire family

Family dentists are trained to provide dental care for all age groups, even younger patients. During these visits, your dentist can identify any issues that may affect the growth and development of your child's mouth and jaw and make treatment recommendations if any issues are detected.

Although you may associated fillings and checkups with visits to the dentist, family dentists offer many other services and procedures. They can determine if your child needs braces, save an infected tooth with root canal therapy, or replace missing teeth with dentures, bridges or dental implants.

Your family dentist can also help you improve the appearance of your smile with a variety of cosmetic dental services, including bonding, contouring and reshaping, orthodontic treatment, veneers, crowns and teeth whitening.

Friendly, compassionate care

Trips to the dentist can be a little overwhelming for young children or patients who have dental phobias. Family dentists understand your family members' fears and strive to make dental visits positive and stress-free.

Family visits offer the perfect way to emphasize the importance of dental care to your children through your actions. When kids see that you take a turn in the dental chair just like they do, they'll feel much more comfortable when it's their turn for a checkup.

Protect your smile with family dentistry. Call your Winchester, KY, family dentists, Drs. Tena Powe and Walter Peavler, at (859) 744-0320 to schedule your appointment.